What Problems are You Facing with Your Printers?

Printers are a boon of technology as they offer a convenient and easy-to-use method of printing from the comforts of one’s home or office. Buying a printer has numerous advantages such as printing important documents, photos, children’s homework assignments or train and flight tickets become easier with a printer.

However, printer owners face many challenges which could be hardware, software or driver related.

If any of the above-mentioned problems arise with your printer, your first instinct will be to look for a service centre who could address the issues swiftly. But it is possible to solve printer problems at home without going through any loss of business time and productivity.

Troubleshooting common printing snags can be done at home with easy solutions that cause a minimum fuss.

We Offer Smart Guide for Buying Printers -

There are several factors which you must consider while buying a printer. A good printer is the one which not only gives the best image but is also easy to use and low on cost.

Below are given some of the factors that you must consider while buying a printer for your home or office use:

Speed of Printing- Always choose a printer on the basis of the pages per minute it prints. Laser printers have a faster printing speed than Inkjet printers. The quality and size of the image should also be considered while printing. For printing larger images, the size of the printer should be sufficient to handle heavier rolls.

Resolution- Your printer should print bright and clear images of good quality. The resolution should be set to a medium value to prevent unnecessary consumption of ink. Your printer should have an ink droplet size of 4 to 12 Pl which is extremely minute.

Duplexing- Choose a printer that has the capacity of duplexing that is scanning both the sides without manually flipping the pages. Duplexing will help in saving pages and lowering the cost of printing.

DIY Functionalities- When you buy a printer you should consider the following factors:

  • Hassle-free paper handling
  • Easy to set up driver and control panel
  • Multiple connectivity options ( wifi, Cloud printing or ethernet)
  • Inkjet, laser or multifunction printers

Warranty and Customer Service- Finally go for a printer model that offers a good warranty and after-sales customer service support.

Printer is Offline: Know the Easy Ways to Resolve It

The most common challenge that you will face with your printer is when it appears in the offline mode and can’t communicate with your PC.

You can overcome such non-responding status of your printer with the following troubleshooting options:

  1. Restart your printer by cancelling the previous printing commands.
  2. Manage the printing queue by resetting the service.
  3. Check whether there are network issues or whether the printer is properly connected to the computer.
  4. Deactivate the offline printing commands.
  5. Restart your PC
  6. Check your driver and replace it if it is outdated.

Most Common Printing Problems that Occur

Given below are some common problems of the printers along with the solutions

  • Low Ink- Printers may show low ink warnings before they actually run out on the ink. A hard reset will take care of this problem. Also, refill the cartridge at the right time to prevent the ink from finishing up.
  • Paper Jams- This will be caused when the papers for printing are not aligned properly. Use good quality sheets and do not overload the tray with too many papers to avoid this problem.
  • Slow Printing- Automatic duplex mode may slow down the printer by reducing the normal speed of printing. Switching from high to low-quality printing may also fix this issue in some cases.
  • Low-Quality Prints- Avoid blurry images by using good quality papers, refilling cartridges at the right time and proper alignment of papers
  • Superseded Images- This will occur when your printer is getting outdated and old. The best solution to this is by buying a new printer.
  • Can’t Print from Mobile Devices- You may face problems while printing from your smartphone or other mobile devices. The best way to avoid this is by installing applications on your mobile that will be compatible with your printer.

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