How do I Connect My HP Printer to WPS?

HP printer is wireless printer which you can connect with network. HP printer comes with inkjet printing technology and its print resolution is 1200*600 dpi and its print out speed is 8 page per minute for black print out and 5.2 page per minute for color print out.

It accepts A4, A5, B5 size pages in paper tray. HP printer comes with 32 MB internal memory and 360 MHz high processor capacity. Hp printer works on inkjet print technology. HP printer has USB 2.0 port.

There are so many ways to connect your HP printer to WPS pin but here we are explaining here how do I connect my HP printer to WPS. WPS refers Wi-Fi protected setup.

WPS has two modes to connect your device with each other over a wireless network connection. One is called push button and another one is called PIN. Push button is easiest method as compare to PIN methods. Here we are describing WPS push button method.

For Instructions on Starting WPS on Your HP Printer You Need to Consult Your Printer’s Manual, However There are So Many Conditions Which Need to be Met in Order to use WPS Push Button Mode:

  1. The most favour condition is both of your printers and wireless router should support WPS push button where you need to consult your printer and wireless router manual.
  2. The wireless router must have a physical WPS push button.
  3. Your network should be equipped with WPA or WPA2 security. Most of the wireless router does not connect using WPS method if any kind of security is not used on the network.
  4. Some time most of your wireless router does not connect using WPS method if you are using your default user name and password which is provided by your manufacturer.

Connect Your Wireless Printer with Wireless Router Using WPS Method:

  1. You need to start WPS push button mode in your printer. For instructions how to start WPS on your printer, you need to consult your manual.
  2. After pressing WPS mode button in your printer, wait for two minutes, you need to press WPS button on your router.

How to Find WPS Pin for HP Printer:

Suppose if you have successfully installed HP printer driver on your computer and has been asked by your HP printer is WPS Pin for wireless connection. For this kind of problem you have to follow some simple steps in order to fix the problem.

Finding the WPS Pin for HP Printer is quite difficult for all the customers. In technical term we can say WPS refers to Wi-Fi protected setup and this method is mainly used to established connection between your router and wireless printer and other devices.

Connect Your HP Printer Using WPS Button:

  1. First you need to go HP printer control panel or screen where you need to press wireless button or setting button(which indicating with blinking blue light).
  2. Thereafter you need to choose option Wi-Fi protected setup option and follow onscreen instruction which is shown on the printer screen.
  3. Next you need to select WPS button option. If you do so, your printer will ask you to press WPS button on the wireless router.
  4. You need to go to your printer and hit continue for wireless connection once you press the WPS button on your router.
  5. Now the connection is established successfully and your printer is in good position for working.

Connect Your HP Printer Using WPS Pin:

  1. First you need to go your printer’s control panel then you need to press wireless button then click on setting button.
  2. Now you need to touch Wi-Fi protected setup option and then follow on screen instructions.
  3. Thereafter you might be prompt for PIN. Just you need to click on it. By doing so, your WPS Pin will be display on the screen.
  4. Next you need to access your configuration utility or software for your wireless router or wireless access point and there after you have to enter your WPS Pin.
  5. Once the whole setup is complete, now you can install your network printer driver on opening Printer’s HP folder by following the steps below.
  • Once you go into all program section.
  • Thereafter, you need to go into printer setup and software option.
  • Finally you need to choose the option which is connect a new printer.

If you still need support for connect HP printer to WPS pin, if yes you can contact with HP Live chat expert and get united with technical engineers to resolve your issue. They will tell you the best possible solutions steps to complete the whole process.

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