How do I Get My HP Printer Back Online?

HP provides a variety of high quality printers to its customers. HP printer devices have a number of amazing features. Like every other device, this printer machine also comes across technical issues. One of the most common issues associated with your HP printer that does not let you complete printing tasks is HP printer offline issue.

But there is nothing for you to be apprehensive about as here we are available with a solution using which you can get HP printer back online. Nonetheless, issues related to HP printer can get fixed very easily but it is recommended for a user to keep their device in the best possible condition.

Methode to Get HP Printer Back Offline?

There are numerous reasons that can cause this error to occur. Mentioned below are the steps that you can apply to bring HP printer back online.

Step 1: First of all, you need to turn on your laptop or computer system which is connected to the laptop. There is no need to turn on the printer in this step.

Step 2: First of all, go to the start menu and then choose the option of Drivers and Printers.

Step 3: Click on the icon of HP printer from the list appearing before you.

Step 4: You will be able to see the offline status. Select offline and then click on the printer option.

Step 5: After that, deselect the use printer offline option.

So, these are the steps that you are required to follow in order to get your HP printer back online. You can easily resolve this issue by following the steps stated above. But what if the same error appears again?

Mentioned Below are the Steps that You can Carry Out in Order to Fix the Problem of Printer Says Offline.

Step 1: Restart your printer device. Turn off your printer machine and then turn it back on again. Let it remain off for a few minutes so that you can restart it properly.

Step 2: Network connection plays a significant role in such cases. So, please ensure that your device is properly connected to your printer. The light at the back of the printer displays the status of connectivity. Make sure that the light is green.

Step 3: Please ensure that the account you are using for your computer has Manage Printer rights.

Step 4: Go to the main website of HP and download the latest printer drivers.

Other Than the Above-Mentioned Solutions, One can Get Rid of Printer Offline Issues That are Not Letting You Connect to Your Device.

Step 1: Use the inbuilt troubleshooter in your computer system. In order to use the troubleshooter all you have to do is to enter troubleshooter in the search box and then go to the main Window and select troubleshooting.

Step 2: Go to the option of Hardware and Sound and then choose “Use a printer”.

Step 3: After that, carry out the commands and fix the issues that can cause the printer error to occur.


If applying troubleshooting solutions is not giving you any fruitful results, then you are left with one last option of connecting HP professionals by giving them a call on HP printer customer support number. The specialists will hear you out and provide you instant solutions to fix the problem that you are dealing with.

Here you will get to know the cause of your problem and a guaranteed solution. The great thing is that you will not have to go to the service center to acquire assistance.

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