How to Clean a HP Laptop Fan and Heatsink?

You may find that the heating dissipation of your fan gets reduced when you use your laptop for a long time. When this happens, it is important to clean the heat sink and laptop fan. Moreover, you can replace the thermal grease to increase the service life of your internal components. 

Hence, it is vital to clean the heatsink and fan of your laptop from time to time. In case you find that the temperature of your palm is gradually increasing or it is accelerating the abnormal noise and rotation. Therefore, you need to clean the laptop fan so that it doesn't overheat. 

You need to open the laptop to clean the laptop fan. In this post, you are going to learn the complete process of disassembling the laptop, cleaning the fan, and replacing the grease. You are required to do some preparatory work before you open the laptop.

In case you don't have laptop repair experience, then you may end up damaging it by opening it. You must check the official website for downloading your laptop's maintenance manual. 

How to Clean the Laptop Fan and Heatsink?

Below we have mentioned the 6 steps that you need to follow to clean the laptop fan and heat sink. So, let's get started with the process. 

1) Take Off the Bottom Cover

Take a thin plastic cover or an old card to separate the bottom cover from the rest of the assembly. The bottom cover has a lot of hidden latches that fasten it to the palm rest. You are required to move the plastic tool along the side to unfasten it. 

2) Disconnect the Battery Cable from the Motherboard

It is important to disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard before you go ahead and touch the internal components. 

3) Remove the Heat Sink and Cooling Fan

Remove the screws that are securing the heatsink and cooling fan. After that, you are required to disconnect the fan cable from the motherboard. Then, you need to take out the heatsink and cooling fan. 

4) Clean the Fan and Heatsink 

Now, you are going to see some screws securing your fan's cover. Once you are done removing the screws, you must remove the cover and  Use a brush to clean the dust on your fan.

In case you find that the brush is not clean, then take a wet cloth to clean the blades of your fan. If you wish to reduce the noise of your laptop fan, take out the blades with some effort. 

Now, dampen the lubricant by using a cotton swab. Apply the cotton swab to the shaft area of the fan. Now, use a soft brush to clean the heat sink. 

5) Remove Thermal Grease from GPU and CPU

Take a duster cloth and remove the thermal grease from the GPU, CPU, and heatsink. 

6) Apply Thermal Grease on GPU and CPU

In the next step, you are required to apply thermal grease to the GPU and CPU. After that, install the fan and heatsink to the motherboard. After that, you must reconnect the battery cable. Then, install the bottom cover.

Now, the process of cleaning the laptop fan will get completed. If you are experiencing issues in cleaning the laptop fan, then you must replace the old fan with the new one.

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