How to Factory Reset HP Laptop?

You don't have to panic you have got the software issue, here are the most simple and effective way to Factory Reset HP Laptop. If you have an HP laptop and want to change its ownership or simply troubleshoot the issue then you should know how to Factory Reset HP Laptop.

Just follow these easy steps and you can learn how to Factory Reset HP Laptop.

How to Factory Reset with the Help of a Disc-

When you buy a new HP laptop it also provides you a disc that has the software needed to Factory Reset HP Laptop, it can be used to reinstall/repair the system.

Using CD to Factory Reset HP Laptop is Easy Just Follow These Steps:

  • Open your disc drive using the button on the side of it.
  • Now insert your CD into the disc drive and let your laptop boot up from the CD drive.
  • When the system opens the installation screen just press the Next button.
  • After that just go for the Repair your Computer when appears.
  • When the option for Troubleshoot appears, just click on it.
  • Now press on Reset this PC.
  • Then you will have to choose between, Keep my files and Remove everything.

If You want to Hold Your Files, Then Select Keep my Files. If You want to Delete Everything, Then Select Remove Everything.

  • After the above step select the system Windows 10.
  • After selecting the option Keep my files, just click on the Reset button and the resetting of your computer will start.
  • If you have opted for Remove everything, after that you have to select between formate all drive or formate drive that contains windows.

After selecting either option, there will two choices for you to select from:

If you wish to change the ownership or return your laptop just go to remove everything from your drive.

If you have to keep it for your personal use then just go to remove my files and press Reset to restart your computer to reset.

Resetting your laptop will take time and your laptop will start several times to complete its process. After that, your laptop will be as good as new after a factory reset.

How to Factory Reset with the Help of HP Recovery Manager-

This method can also be used factory resetting your HP laptop provided that you don't have the CD. Just follow these steps to Factory Reset HP Laptop:

  • Switch off your computer.
  • Remove everything from the port of your laptop.
  • After starting your laptop just press the F11 button constantly until choosing an option appears.
  • There you will find Troubleshoot, just click on it.
  • After clicking on Recovery Manager, click on system recovery.
  • For backing up your files, follow the instruction on the screen.
  • Press the Next option after the backup process is complete.
  • This will help you to Factory Reset HP Laptop.

HP is one of the oldest and faithful companies in laptop manufacturing. It has constantly produced top of the line laptops with the latest technology. HP also has a wide network of customer services that provide excellent services.

Though it comes with the latest software from time to time there is software malfunction and you have to troubleshoot your laptop. In this article, we learn how to Factory Reset HP Laptop.

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