How to Fix HP Chromebook Wont Turn On Issue?

HP Chromebook Won’t Turn on, Fix It:

There area unit several reasons why your HP Chromebook won’t turn on “out of nowhere”. you will be employing a faulty charger or their area unit some problems with the software package that facilitates the booting method.

The troubleshooting method would get arduous because the Chromebook isn’t turning on in the least within the 1st place. The following list of troubleshooting steps might assist you to get to an all-time low of difficulty quicker.

Problem - Solving Steps to Follow in Case Your HP Chromebook won’t Turn On:

Step 1. Physical Layer

First, conduct a basic physical review of the device. Hardware-level problems area unit typically abundant easier to spot and if the difficulty is regarding the property they're abundant easier to resolve.


Let’s be honest loose property between the charging cable and your Chromebook is one of the foremost optimistic situations. make sure that each end of the charging cable area unit is properly connected.

Liquid Harm

As the HP Chromebook isn’t waterproof, liquid unavowed into its motherboard can be one of the worst-case situations. In case accidentally disclose your Chromebook to liquid (like water) switch it off immediately, disconnect the battery, and leave it upside-down as long as you'll be able to.

Do not try and dry it with a hair blower as things exacerbate pretty quickly if the liquid contains sugar. Dry air will cause the liquid to get attached to the interior hardware for good.

Angry Gamer Harm

Some users slam their HP Chromebook out of frustration thanks to random reasons.  The HP Chromebook could be a compact device with some little elements and accessories within.

Hence, even a small faucet on the screen or the keyboard might cause some physical harm to the device. So, simply just in case, you discover one thing like that, there’s each probability that the HP Chromebook isn’t beginning thanks to an equivalent reason.

Otherwise, you need to persevere going with the physical review while searching for spots with some water residue or wet. For severe physical problems, it’s continuously recommended to require the HP Chromebook to the service.

If you continue to have a guaranty avoid disassembling your HP Chromebook device yourself because it might lead to a guaranty suspension. You can march on to the succeeding step if you're unable to seek out any type of physical and liquid harm on the HP Chromebook.

Step 2. Try to Open the Lid of the HP Chromebook

Chromebooks turn on mechanically whereas gap the lid ( given the device has a 5% or a lot of battery left). So, as you've got already checked for any physical or liquid harm on the body, this should come back as your next step within the same direction.

In case the HP Chromebook won’t turn on even though opening the lid, you can suppose that the battery is below 5%.

Step 3. Press and Hold the Power Button

As you've got tried turning on the HP Chromebook by gaping the lid, you need to currently anticipate powering it on by pressing and holding the facility button. It’s a condition that the HP Chromebook won’t turn on by the gap the lid if the battery is a smaller amount than five-hitter.

Still, it should flip on( as long as there aren’t any serious problems with the device) once you press and hold the facility button for a minimum of ten seconds. Nevertheless, you'll be able to march on to the succeeding step just in case you didn’t realize any success with this one.

Step 4. Try to Run the Embedded Controller Reset on the HP Chromebook

Opt for this step only if you've got had all the abovementioned steps. There might be a chance that the device is simply frozen and this can be why the HP Chromebook won’t turn on. This is wherever acting the EU reset is usually an excellent plan to travel ahead with.

Gently press and hold the facility and refresh buttons for three seconds. just in case the device boots up, you'll be able to see yourself lucky and should provide a massive pat on your shoulders for all the exertions. If it still doesn’t respond, you need to merely bring it to the HP store while not wasting it from now on time and energy.

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