How to Fix HP Laptop is Not Connecting to Wi-Fi on Windows 10?

HP Laptop is widely used laptop in the tech world and it is known for his advanced features and durability. HP laptop comes with OLED display and it contains type C USB. As we have discussed that HP laptop comes with above discussed advanced features but some time, you might face problem that HP laptop is not connecting to Wi-Fi on Windows 10

Here We are Discussing Some Troubleshooting Tips to Fix HP Laptop is Not Connecting to Wi-Fi on Windows 10:

For the very first troubleshooting, you should try the following steps to resolve your issue which are:

  1. Firstly, download the PC repair tool like excellent on
  2. Thereafter click on the start scan to find the windows issue which might be responsible to generate this kind of issue.
  3. Click on repair all button to fix issue with the patented technologies.

Different hardware and software problem can result that your HP laptop is not connecting to Wi-Fi on Windows 10. So there are some troubleshooting steps which are required to access the internet using wired connection or second computer or device.

What We Need to Do if HP Laptop is Not Connecting to Wi-Fi on Windows 10:

Enable Wireless Key or Button:

Most of the laptops have a button which is used to turn on the wireless signals , you need to check the status to verify that your wireless signal is on. For this you need to press the key once and wait for ten seconds to see that wireless connection icon has been changed or if the LED light of the wireless button or key goes on.

If there is no light, you need to hover your mouse over the wireless connection icon on the taskbar to confirm your connection status is active or not. If signal is on, you need to try again and connect to the internet again. If it is off, you need to press the button again to turning on and try to connect again and again.

Update Wireless Network Driver:

For the Window Update:

  • First go to the search box and type windows update setting in the search box.
  • Select check for the updates, if update is available download and install it on your computer.
  • After update, you can try to connect with the internet again.

HP Support Assistance:

  • First go to the search box and type HP support assistance.
  • Thereafter select and click your devices from the device listed in my device tab.
  • Then click on the check for update and message tab.
  • Check the MY PC sections in the list of updates to display the update available screen.
  • Thereafter click on the install new icon which is next to update and try to connect to the internet again and again.

HP Update:

HP might have more of the current version of drives, so you need to check their customer support page, you need to enter your model number and find the drivers which are the part of the chipset driver package.

You need to check first for the wireless connection driver then the chipset driver.

Driver Updates from the Device Manager:

  • Right click on the start.
  • Choose device manager.
  • Then go to the network adapter and click on to expand list.
  • Right click on the adapter and select update drivers.
  • Thereafter select search automatically for updated driver software then install any driver found.
  • If no driver is found, check the wireless adapter manufacturer website for this.

Automatic Troubleshooting:

  1. Press the wireless icon on your computer and enable the wireless adapter.
  2. If your computer does not have wireless key and light remains off or oranges, you need to go to the search box and type HP support assistance.
  3. Select and click the device from the listed device from my device tab.
  4. Click on troubleshooting and fix.
  5. Click on update network check.
  6. If you will get user account control message, click on the yes.
  7. On the HP network check welcome screen, you need to click on next to network diagnosis. If found any issues, continue with next steps.
  8. Now expand possible root cause if necessary.
  9. Click on one of the listed cause and click on it.

Check and Reset Hardware:

In this section, you need to check your hardware status and reset your hardware.

Reinstall Your Wireless Network Adapter Driver:

Reinstalling your wireless network adapter driver using HP recovery manager

Update Driver Automatically:

You need to update driver automatically with the help of third party software which are tweakbit driver updater tool. You need to download this tool and update driver with the help of it.

System Restore:

If the above tips do not work for you, you need to go with System Restore option. This is the detailed documents on to fix HP laptop is not connecting to Wi-Fi on Windows 10.

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