How to Fix HP Laptop Keyboard not Working?

Ever imagined how life would be if one day your laptop’s keyboard stops working? It would be nothing less than a nightmare. You might have access to an on-screen keyboard but it will be difficult to maintain typing fluency. The task that might take a few minutes could be extended up to a few hours using an on-screen keyboard. 

Usually, such glitches and situations can land us in a frantic state and if there isn’t any repairing shop nearby it could even take days to get the keyboard fixed. So if you’ve got your HP Laptop Keyboard not Working and can’t find an ideal solution, keep reading to find ways with which you could do initial troubleshooting. 

First of all, users with HP laptops which have got a bit old do face this problem. And if you’re one of those and need a direction towards fixing HP Laptop Keyboard not working. To find a permanent fix might be difficult as it will require special attention from someone well versed with fixing HP Laptop Keyboard not working. 

There could be various reasons that could be affecting your HP Keyboard. A few of them are listed below. 

  • A faulty driver can cause your laptop’s keyboard to malfunction and fail. This can be resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling the keyboard driver. 
  • An outdated driver version could also prevent your keyboard from functioning properly. Older versions of drivers have certain bugs that need to be fixed through newer and updated versions. 
  • Faulty keys can also be a reason why your HP Laptop Keyboard not working. 

To Fix the HP Laptop Keyboard, You can Try Any of the Listed Methods. 

1. Reboot HP Laptop:

Rebooting is one of the easiest ways to fix any lag or freezing in your system. Often the system gets filled up with junk files and requires a reboot. But with our constant working habits, we aren’t able to give our system a breather. So here’s the first thing you can do and that reboots your HP laptop

2. Use External Keyboard on HP Laptop:

Just like external speakers and mice, you can connect an external keyboard as well. It is the second-best option if rebooting doesn’t work. You can get an external keyboard from any technician nearby and connect it directly through a USB. 

3. Update Keyboard Driver on HP Laptop:

If the above two methods do not work then there’s a high probability of a software malfunction. To update your keyboard driver, go to Control Panel and click on Device Manager. In that section, you will find the Keyboards option.

You can easily uninstall the Keyboard driver and reboot your HP laptop. This will allow all the drivers to get reinstalled automatically. 

If there’s any driver update that is pending, you can head to Device Manager under Control Panel and search for updates. In case of updates make sure you download and install them. 

You can work with any of these methods if the HP Laptop Keyboard not Working issue arises. In case none of the above methods work, you can reach out to HP’s customer care for assistance.

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