How to Fix HP Scanner Not Working Error?

HP Scanner is not working properly includes that your HP scanner is not scanning document properly or scanner is not identified by the computer. This kind of error is very hard to identify from where this kind of issue is raising.

First one solution is to cross check the cable, some time if the cables are loose or not properly connected, this might be the cause of not working of your HP printer and HP scanner is not working in proper mode, so first you should check all the cables and make sure that every cable is properly attached with the correct port.

Another thing is software is outdated or scanning software has been crashed or scanning service provided by the computer is not proper functioning. These are the two primary sections one is the hardware end and the second one is software end. In the preliminary step, one has to keep focus on these two sections to resolve your issue.

Check the HP Scanner Not Working Error:

First you need to make sure that your device should be turn on means powered on. If you want to use scanner, first you need to check the connection means all the wires should be attached with the correct port or not.

If it is so, next you need to check that wire should not be loose means it should be properly fitted. If the wires are loose, you might get change to lose connectivity.

Enable Windows Image Acquisition Service and Related Service:

Image acquisition is a Microsoft model which allows permits graphics software to communicate with imaging hardware like camera and scanner, for achieving this kind of things, you must enable WIA Services in your computer system.

  • If your scanner is not working properly or scanner is not able to establish a connection with the computer for scanning the documents. For achieving this, you need to do something like this:
  • You need to click on window logo key and R key at the similar time to open run window from your keyboard.
  • Thereafter you need to type services.msc in the search window of run command windows to see all the running service on your computer and then press enter to proceed the command.

Thereafter you need to see that all the services should be set on automatic mode and service status should be running- these are the following services which are discussed below.

  • Remote procedure call(RPC)
  • DCOM Server Process Launcher
  • RPC End point Mapper
  • Shell hardware detection

At the last whatever changes you have made should be saved and you need to try to scan the document again by restarting your scanner and perform scan operation again and make sure that your scanner is working properly.

Update HP Scanner Driver:

Some time outdated and corrupt driver might create this kind of problem. If your driver is outdated, you should update your scanner driver. You can update your driver either automatically or manually.

For updating scanner driver manually, you need to go to the website of your scanner manufacturer, therefore enter your scanner model number in the search box and find out the latest driver for your scanner and install it on your machine. It will take some time and thereafter you need to reboot your computer for reflect changes.

Update your scanner driver automatically; you can do it automatically with the help of experienced technician, If you do not have sufficient time.

Some time your HP scanner might not work due to corrupt driver, so in this case, you need to uninstall the installed driver from the add/remove program section and thereafter installed a new fresh copy of the scanner driver on your computer.

Corrupt driver means some files might be missing in your driver software which might be necessary to run this scanner software, so if those necessary files are missing, so in one case either you can copy those files from somewhere else and paste in the software location or you can uninstall the old scanner driver software and install the fresh one.

Troubleshoot Hardware Issue:

There might be a chance that something wrong in your scanning machine. So in this case, you need to run a trouble-shooter in your computer system to fix the error.

  • First you need to open the control panel and view the tiny icon.
  • Thereafter click on troubleshooting button.
  • Now hit the hardware and sound option .
  • Now choose on hardware and devices option.
  • Finally you are advised to follow on-screen prompts to complete the troubleshooting steps and fix detecting error.
  • After that, you need to try your scanner again and check that it is working properly or not.

Still you are facing this issue, you can contact HP support executive to resolve your issue of HP scanner not working or you can take online help to troubleshoot your issue.

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