How to Fix Spilled Water on Your Laptop?

Each one of us has a glass or a bottle of water while working alongside our laptops or computers. But one instance of mishandling can cause the spilling of all water on your precious work system. This spill can destroy your laptop and even cause a lot of expense to get it fixed.

Any spillage of liquid can cause the water to enter the insides of the system and cause damage to a lot of hardware. Although any local repair shop can tell you whether it can be fixed or not and hence it’s best to take it to the repair shop as soon as possible. 

There can be instances when a local repair shop or any laptop repair shop isn’t available the best option is to try few methods to get out the Spilled water on your laptop in order to mitigate any serious damages. 

Before trying out any of the emergency tricks, turn off your laptop or computer and plug out the charger if it’s running. This will prevent your laptop or computer from any short-circuits

Here’s What You Could Try for Instance If You Spilled Water on Your Laptop;

1. Let the Air In Laptop:

Yes, you read that right. Let the air in to allow the water to dry off. But before that spill the extra water out and clean the keyboard and especially the ports and vents with a dry cloth. To do so turn your laptop upside-down and open the lid. After opening the lid, put the laptop on a dry towel or tissue or anything that can absorb excessive water. 

Let the laptop dry out completely before putting back the lid or taking it to the laptop repair shop. 
This is the first aid you must know if you Spilled water on your laptop. Instead of panicking and rushing to find the local repair shop, do this to save your laptop from severe damage. 

Once the laptop is dried you could try switching it on and wait for it to turn on. If it doesn’t switch on you can take it to the repair shop to see if there has been any kind of serious damage.

2. Remove Battery:

While removing the lid, try taking out the battery. It’s one of the necessary parts that need saving. In case your laptop is in warranty make sure you avail of it. And to avoid such cases while purchasing a laptop make sure your battery is in warranty. Get it extended if it expires. It might cost you a few bucks but for such mishaps, it can save you a lot of repair expenses. 
There can be many instances when you might spill water on your laptop but instead of panicking and trying every hack available on the internet to fix your laptop, it’s best to keep your calm.

The worst that could happen is for your data to get lost. For that, you can regularly backup your important data on an external drive. Spilled water on your laptop is easy to fix if you handle the situation wisely.

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