How to Fix Tablet Touch Screen not Responding?

Tablets are smart devices with a size range bigger than a smartphone but smaller than a laptop. The features comprise almost all features of a Smartphone and few features of a laptop. Mostly these devices are powered by a touch screen. As this is the only way to interact with this device, Tablet Touch Screen not responding might be a major turn-off while using this device.

Tablets are major stakeholders in the markets today. They are easy to carry around and can do most of the work compared to a bulky laptop. It is easy to operate and can handle multiple tasks simultaneously, be it office work, games, reading, or any other form of entertainment.

A major issue that tablets face is of Tablet Touch Screen not Responding. In this column, we would define the reasons behind this failure and solutions to the problem. It can also be described as when you touch the screen, it does not wake up, or either does not perform the way you wish it to.

The problem may arise due to:

  • Software Problems
  • Physical Damage

For any such issues, and as a good practice, one must store all the important files on the cloud or a backup drive. This ensures that losing data does not occur.

Why Tablet Touch Screen not Responding Problem Occurs:

  • Magnets, static electricity, dirt, sweat, fluctuation in voltages may be the primary reasons for this issue.
  • Extremely high or low temperatures.
  • Software glitches because of viruses or software updates not installed properly may be the reason.
  • Large applications during launch take up time to load themselves, thus delaying the touch response.

Primary Fix Solutions for Tablet Touch Screen not Responding:

Step 1: Clean the surface with a clean cloth- The cloth should be preferably a cotton cloth. It should be free from dust, dirt, and grease.

Step 2: Restarting the device- Before going for a major fix to any repair shop, or a hard reset of the device, one must consider restarting it.

Step 3: Screen protection glass & back cover removal – Sometimes the tempered glass may be an issue for the touch not working properly. It may happen due to air bubbles that enter when the glass is not placed properly. Else, the back cover might not be a perfect fit and might be hindering the touch properties of the screen.

Step 4: You can also use a moist cloth sprayed with glass cleaner if the screen is dirty.

Step 5: Use clean Hands- In most cases, it has been found that the hands of the user may be moist or unclean as users might touch the screen while eating food. This is a good enough reason for the screen not to intercept touch commands.

Also, if you try to use the touch screen while wearing gloves, there are many chances of the touch not working. The screen is sensitive to human touch. Gloves are made up of thick materials and hence hinder the touch effect.

Moderate Level Solutions:

  • If the device has had a drip in water, it is best recommended to dry it up with a blower and keeping it soaked in dry rice before restarting it.
  • If the device is dropped off from a height, look for cracks or any other damages on the screen. It might start working after a few gentle taps on the corners only if the glass hasn’t come off or cracked.
  • Remove the memory stick and sim card.
  • Disconnect it from aux cables or charging cables.


The above steps are to be followed in case of damages that are not much physical in nature. For best results, we must always refrain from opening up the device by ourselves. It would be a good option to go to the nearest service center and get work by trained professionals.

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