How to Replace a Broken Laptop Screen?

Do you find that your laptop's screen is broken or has blown pixels? If yes, then you need to get it replaced immediately. You just need some technical knowledge, the right tools, and some patience and your screen will get replaced.

So, let's get started with how to replace a broken laptop screen. If the damage is covered in the warranty, then you must not fix the laptop on your own. In such a case, you must get your laptop repaired by the technical staff of the company. 

Get Tools and Replacement Laptop Screen

To start with the repair process, you are going to need a replacement LCD screen and some simple tools. In tools, you will be needing a screwdriver, Torx T5, Philips #00. You also need to have plastic spudgers and metal blades. They are extremely useful in removing the trim around your screen. 

For replacing the LCD, you need to buy the parts from a third party or the manufacturer's authorized dealers. The cost of the new screen would be somewhere around 50 dollars to 250 dollars. The price is more if the display is high-end. Irrespective of all that, you are required to buy a screen, which matches your cracked screen perfectly. In order to fix this problem, you must remove the broken screen. 

1) Remove the Bezel First 

Disconnect your laptop from the power source and remove its battery. Now, you need to check the bezel near your screen carefully. Now, you are required to take off the bezel so you can easily access the screws that are holding the panel of your LCD screen. 

On your laptop, you will see rubber cushions hiding the screws, which keep the bezel in the right place. You need to remove this rubber tape and then you must remove the screws beneath it. When you remove these screws hidden under the rubber tape, then you need to loosen the bottom, so you can remove the screen bezel. 

2) Remove the Cracked LCD Panel

Now, that the mounting brackets of the screen are open, you can just remove the screws. Now, keep the side of the display down and disconnect the wire. In case your laptop was manufactured before 2021, then you will see fluorescent backlights.

You will see two wires attached to those lights. After that, search for the label of the manufacturer and keep its model number in mind. Using this info, you will get the right match for your cracked screen. 

3) Install the Newly Bought Panel

Unpack the newly bought screen and see if it matches with your broken screen. The connector, mounting brackets, and dimensions should match. Then only you will be able to install the new screen. Now, you are required to connect the panel to the wire. All you need to do is to keep the panel in the lid and make sure it is secure with proper screws. 

4) Test the Screen You Just Installed

Before you reattach the bezel, you must test the new screen panel. All you have to do is to connect the power cable and put the battery inside. When the display starts working, you can attach the bezel again by fixing the screws and applying a rubber cushion. This will complete your repair process.  

So, this was the process to replace a broken laptop screen.

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