How to Unlock HP Laptop If Forgot the Password?

True, a strong password helps protect your HP laptop from unauthorized access. However, most users find it tough to remember. You can usually write it down in your notepad or take a picture of it. Regrettably, consumers still forget their HP laptop password regularly.

So here's the dilemma: how do you unlock an HP laptop if you've forgotten the password? Typically, a password reset disc could be used to address the situation. However, some people may query, "How can I reset the password on my HP laptop without even a disc?" This is inconvenient if you need to work on your laptop and retrieve saved files.

Here are some ways to quickly unlock an HP laptop if forgot the password. Let's take a look at each one individually.

Method 1: Make use of the Administrator Account that is Hidden.

As you may be aware, the administrator account will have the most access over the device that can also be used to update the password of some other account. Thus, if you forget the passwords for a specific user account on your HP laptop, you can change the password using the other admin account.

Unlock HP Laptop If Forgot the Password

Log into an available administrator account if one is accessible. You may need to enable the built-in (hidden) admin account to finish the procedure.

Here's how to change your password using a different account.

Step 1: When you're at the login screen, go to the user list, select another account with administrator credentials, and log in to that account. If necessary, you could also rapidly activate the built-in administrator account by pressing the Shift key five times.

Step 2: Navigate to User Accounts > User Accounts in the Control Panel.

Step 3: Choose your locked user account from the Configure another account menu.

Step 4: You should be ready to sign out of your existing account and then sign into the restricted account with the new password.

Method 2: Reset the Password with a Reset Disk

It will be easier to have a password reset CD for your HP laptop. Let's use a basic password reset CD to unlock an HP laptop successfully.

Unlock HP Laptop If Forgot the Password

Step 1: Link your HP laptop to a password reset disc you made.

Step 2: When the login screen appears, type any wrong password and hit Enter. When you're prompted to change your password, select OK.

Step 3: Below the password text box, other sign-in choices will now show. By clicking the reset password button, you can change your password.

Step 4: After that, use the reset password process to generate a new password with a password hint to replace the old ones. Then press the Next and Finish buttons.

It's worth noting that this tool, produced using a Windows built-in function, can only be used here on the computer on which it was created. Suppose you can't unlock an HP laptop if forgot the password. You'll have to use a professional program (such as PassFab 4WinKey or ISumsoft Windows Password Refixer) on some other functioning computer.

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