Why is My HP Laptop Mouse Touchpad not Working?

The touchpad is a long-standing feature that has long since supplanted the "pointing stick" (or "nipple") as the standardized alternative to mouse control on laptops. However, if your touchpad fails when you're on the go or in another situation where you don't have a second mouse, you could find yourself stranded.

Here are Some Reasons for the HP Laptop Mouse Touchpad not Working and Fixes-

The Operating System has Stopped Responding.

The first thing to look for is a delayed response from the computer and operating system. The computer may have become frozen, in which case it will not respond to any commands you issue. In this instance, the touchpad would be inoperable as well.

To see if this is the case, press the Windows key and see if the Start Menu appears.

Fn Key Combination

To enable and disable the touchpad on some computers, press the Fn key plus the function key. If your laptop offers this feature, turn the touchpad on and off a few times using the button or keys.

External Device

When you connect a USB input device, some of them turn off the touchpad. Turn off the computer, unhook all external devices, and restart the computer as a troubleshooting step to confirm that none of them has turned off the touchpad. If this resolves your issue, reconnect the USB device to continue troubleshooting or make the changes described in the following sections.

Disconnect External Mouse

Although it's not very common, specific laptop models automatically turn off the touchpad when attaching an external mouse. So in this instance, the remedy is simple: unplug the USB mouse and, if you have one, switch off the Bluetooth mouse.

Touchpad Disable Zone

If it doesn't work, check the top-left corner of your laptop touchpad for a small square logo. If you have this logo, double-tapping enables or disables your touchpad. Thus you may have accidentally disabled it.

To see if your touchpad comes back to life, try double-tapping that logo. If you accidentally deactivate your touchpad this way, you can untick "Double Tap to Disable Touchpad" under "Settings -> Devices -> Touchpad -> Additional settings -> Touchpad Entry -> Settings -> Touchpad Disable Zone."

Is the Trackpad Disabled in the BIOS?

There's a risk that your laptop touchpad is disabled in the motherboard BIOS for unknown reasons. (This could happen, for example, following a firmware update.) Enter the BIOS by repeatedly hitting the Delete or F2 key while your PC is booting to see if this is the case. (You may need to press a different button.)

Similarly, the BIOS for each motherboard has a varied layout, but you should look for an option like "Internal Pointing Device" or something similar and make sure it's enabled. If you have one, this may be under the “Advanced” section. Select the option "Save Changes and Exit" after you've done this.

Update or Roll Back Touchpad Driver

Right-click your touchpad in the Device Manager list (it may be called Dell TouchPad, Lenovo TouchPad, Synaptics, or something similar, depending on the brand of your PC) and make sure it's enabled. If that's the case, click "Update driver" to see if there are any updates available.

Finally, several individuals have claimed that their touchpads have ceased operating correctly after upgrading to Windows 10, implying that your touchpad's W10 driver is malfunctioning. First, Right-click your touchpad in Device Manager, then select “Properties” and “Roll Back Driver” to test if an earlier version of the driver resolves the issue.

Disable Tablet PC Input Service

It's possible that the Tablet PC Input Service, which controls stylus capabilities, is interfering with your touchpad if your Windows 10 laptop is a hybrid with a touchscreen. It won't be a huge loss to disable the stylus if you don't use it anyway.

However, if you use it, you'll have to determine if you want to deal with the hassle of turning it on and off every time you want to use your touchpad.

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