Why Is My Laptop Saying High CPU Usage?

Whenever you are working on your laptop with multiple processes running in the background or several apps operating at the front end your laptop may indicate a high CPU usage thereby reflecting the issues like “laptop saying high CPU usage”.

This high CPU usage may be evidenced in the form of sluggish working of your laptop to operating programs getting constrained by the event of software freezing which could seriously undermine the functioning of your laptop and immediately requires effective treatment to address the “laptop saying high CPU usage” issue.

Friends, I off late witnessed the issues of “laptop saying high CPU usage” which I could fix by shutting down multiple apps completely that were running in the background despite getting closed at the front end earlier.

The core aim of this discussion is to share with all my friends the possible reasons for the “laptop saying high CPU usage” issue so that they can act accordingly to address the “laptop saying high CPU usage” issue as warranted by any such situation going ahead.

Overburdening the Laptop with Minimal Capacity

Quite often people start working on high-end apps, software, or programs with a laptop that ideally suffers from a very constrained capacity thereby giving rise to a scenario where their laptop gets overburdened in a bid to run high-performing software or apps.

This situation happens to be the one where large apps and software put your laptop under testing conditions thereby opening bigger headroom for your laptop to become seriously constrained by the operation of such bulky apps and software. Such a situation of an overworked CPU is addressed by increasing the capacity of your laptop or simply by bringing a replacement for your laptop. 

The Startup Apps Getting Launched Automatically

It is also very commonly observed that as soon as you start your laptop some unavoidable startup apps do get initiated as well even if you don’t want them to start. This event causes your laptop to be overworked ultimately putting your laptop’s CPU in jeopardy.

The only feasible solution to end such pre-automated apps is to end them using the Task Manager. For this, you just have to hop on to the “Task Manager” followed by opening the “Startup Tab” and thereafter disabling the Startup Apps that you do not want to be functional again at the start of the laptop.

The Apps Primarily Shutdown That is Still Running in the Background

Ideally, the lingering mechanisms and processes that are initially closed or shut down often remain active in the background resulting in the overheating of your laptop’s CPU and actually causing the issue of “laptop saying high CPU usage”.

This also happens when you simply close the lid of your laptop ultimately causing your laptop to “Sleep”. In such a scenario you must exercise due caution so that the leftover extant processes do not consume all the CPU resources of your laptop.

To end this, you may also shut some of the processes by utilizing the “Task Manager” and alternatively resorting to giving your laptop a restart a couple of times regularly in a week.

Sinful Programs and Malicious Codes Causing Your Laptop to Get Overstrained

Viruses, malicious codes, spyware, and other malware can also cause the “laptop saying high CPU usage” issue which should be cautiously addressed as they can cause serious impediments by running on your laptop’s background leading to overburdening of the computing resources.

Even in such a scenario, the Task Manager may fail to reflect or show such malware and the adequate feasible solution may just be to activate an effective anti-virus software package on your laptop that cannot just scan your laptop to find viruses, etc. but also protects your laptop from any malicious activity of any worm or virus.

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